Product description

900 x 20 mm
1240 x 20 mm
1550 x 20 mm
1900 x 20 mm

Product family


"The circle as a symbol for the ideal order triggers with its clear aesthetic and its specific language of shape, a feeling of calmness and temptation. This harmony, caught and implemented in the clear design of glowing rings, is the vision for our product series CIRCOLO MINI and SLIM

Housing: Circular Aluminium frame, internal/integrated acrylic diffusor (SLIM Version available with direct, indirect, inward or outward lightoutput)
Installation: Pendant light incl. canopy and 4 current carrying steel cable suspensions
Specification: LED-technology, warm-white 3200 K (optional 4000 or 6500 K)
Optional: LED RGB-technology, dimmer, canopy with 5W LED Spot"