Key facts

Product description

These polished metal shades project a general, glare-free light beam that becomes wider and more diffused as its diameter increases, reaching the large sizes of the L model.

Technical information:
Capsule with LED module, translucent white diffuser and heat sink with matte black finish.
White ceramic shade with matte finish interior and gloss exterior.
5 metal circular ceiling plate options with power supply incorporated:
Not adjustable: white recessed (CE Market) or white or black surface-mounted ceiling plate with matte finish.
Suitable for dimming systems 1-10V (external dimmer switch 1-10V not included): white or black surface-mounted ceiling plate with matte finish and power supply incorporated.
S&C LED capsule suitable with HeadLed System lampshades and Cirio structures.
Suitable for Junction Box (UL market).
Electric cable length (black): 3 m / 118.1" - 8 m / 315"
S: 1,5 kg / 3 lb
M: 1,9 kg / 4.2 lb
L: 3 kg / 6.8 lb
Light source included:
Built-in LED: 3,7 W
Built-in LED (Dimmable): 7,7 W

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