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Fibra facades - Louvers
Fibra facades - Louvers
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FIBRA allows the architect to explore other options in the production of building wall cladding with customized solutions and according to the architect’s design.
This feature, combined with structural properties, thermal insulation capacity, lightness and low maintenance costs, allow to produce manufactured goods in accordance with the new requirements in terms of energy efficiency.
FIBRA may be used in various fields of architecture ranging from coatings for facades, structural components of curtain wall facades to blinds and louvers.
It is possible to obtain tactile and modern effects to be created both for customized shapes and colours.
FIBRA shows off a translucent finish through the use of special resins, able to create bright and appealing optical effects, breaking down the material and transforming facade portions into real lamps.
It gives elegance to architectural works and combines aesthetic and innovative solutions with high-performing and functional systems.

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