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Saflex® DG structural PVB interlayer
Saflex® Structural
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The Corning Museum of Glass—North Wing Expansion
Featured products: Saflex® DG structural PVB interlayer, Vanceva® Polar White

Saflex® Structural PVB interlayer
Designed for strength

Saflex® Structural interlayer is a tough, resilient film produced from plasticized polyvinyl butyral (PVB). It is designed specifically as an interlayer for applications where increased interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion are required relative to standard glazing interlayers.
Due to the stiffness of the Saflex Structural interlayer, laminates can either sustain higher uniform loads with the same glass thickness or the glass thickness can be reduced and still achieve the same loading. When used in combination with heat-strengthened glass, Saflex Structural combines the benefits of a rigid interlayer with the features of glass containment, UV screening, edge stability, clarity, and noise abatement.

- Post breakage safety - Higher load capability sustains safety after breakage.
- Superior edge stability - Enhances delamination resistance
- Enhanced unit strength - Facilitates over-sized glass design
- Enhanced interlayer strength - Enables thinner glass to reduce weight & cost
- Superwide 3.2 m width - Improves throughput and reduces costs
- Vanceva® Colors compatibility - Creates thousands of color opportunities

Applications include: • Structural glass applications • Exposed-edge laminates • Floors/stairs/balconies/canopies • Clip/captured systems • Sloped/overhead glazing

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