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River is made from the finest materials and particularly elastic, resilient different-density polyurethanes. Maxi quilted, feather cushions create an extra-soft backrest.

The contrasting decorative motif (reminiscent of blanket stitch) runs along the seams to emphasise their shape and character and to create an elegant, informal look.

A combination of attitudes, details, solids and voids to create and recreate a living environment to suit our personal taste. Fully removable covers. River offers a range of brand-new covers designed specifically for its unique shape.

Dimensions 1 module: 90 x 110 x 65 cm

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The River seating range’s gently curvy profile creates an elegantly meandering shape, like a river course. Seating with serpentine volumes that give a natural feeling of movement; the interplay of concave and convex lines creates a very strong visual impact. A modular seating range to compose with the greatest freedom. Its design and shape make it the perfect addition to residential or public settings.