Setting an example – in light
The term “setting an example” takes on a new and fascinating meaning in connection with our PARLEDO luminaires, This fascination is due not only to the shape of the PARLEDO, which also sets an example when it comes to aesthetic minimalism. The PARLEDO is also a path breaking luminaire whose light engenders a positive biological effect and thus sets a new standard.

Our PARLEDO luminaires use cutting edge LED technology and constitute an exemplary lighting solution. These luminaires are suitable for use not only in ceiling openings, but also provide an efficient and low maintenance alternative to conventionally configured built-in grid lighting. Because the lit surface of PARLEDO luminaires is larger than the actual ceiling opening, these luminaires create a truly amazing field of light on the ceiling that is soft, generously proportioned and extremely homogenous. When used with the RZB lightcontrol +3 Circadian Box, PARLEDO luminaires also generate light that has a positive biological effect. PARLEDO luminaires are constructed of white powder-coated metal, while the diffuser is available in either matt opal or matt micro-prismatic/opal. In the latter format, our PARLEDO luminaires meet EN glare standards, which is a particularly valuable attribute for office lighting.

Features: Parledo

- Recessed interior ceiling luminaire that uses advanced LED technology and features a unique light output
- Suitable for use in 600 and 625 module grid ceilings and for installation in ceiling openings (requires the use of accessories)
- The lit surface is larger than the ceiling opening, thus creating generously proportioned lighting that is extremely homogeneous
- Can be used with our Circadian Box: circadian light imitates natural light that follows daily and seasonal cycles. The positive biological effect of this kind of light on humans has been scientifically proven.
- Available with a matt opal diffuser or a matt micro-prismatic/opal diffuser that meets EN12464-1 and UGR < 19 computer screen standards
- Colour rendering index: CRI > 80

**LED: up to 108 W, up to 8800 lm Colour: white
Construction: Housing metal, powder-coated. Diffuser (PMMA) plastic, opal or microprismatic/opal (suitable for use in environments with computer screens in accordance with EN 12464-1). LED included.
Dimensions: two sizes (module 600, 625) Light colour LED: 830, 840
Dimmable LED: DALI
Accessories: mounting frame for installation on suspended ceilings