Product description

Decken- und Wandeinbauleuchten
Armatur Kunststoff (Polycarbonat) mikrostrukturlackiert. Diffusor Kunststoff (Polyethylen) opal seidenmatt. Befestigung des Diffusors mit Schraubgewinde. Einbaugehäuse für Wand- und Deckeneinbau Aluminium pulverbeschichtet.
Serienmäßig mit Gore™ Protective Vents Membranventil zur Kondenswasserreduzierung.
Schutzart: IP 65, Schutzklasse: I, II
Abmessungen: D 352, D 530, D 650
Bestückung: TC 10 - 55 W, T16R 22 - 62 W
Lieferbare Farbe: weiß

Product family


The incredible lightness of being
The MONDANA, which was designed by Harmut S. Engel, combines the gentle direct light of the ultra-thin matt diffuser with very intelligently designed reflections – thus creating a playful lightness of light and form in a weightless, almost sensual dance. Realized with impressive perfection, the MONDANA is an outstanding design that uses high tech lighting technology. Hand-blown glass or high-quality opal plastic abut a shell constructed of polycarbonate or powder-coated aluminium. The user friendliness of the screw or yoke closure underscores the minimalist design ethic of this family of luminaires.

- Wall and ceiling luminaires, recessed wall and ceiling luminaires, and semi-recessed luminaires for interior and exterior use
- High tech LEDs (lamps included) with a service life of around 50,000 hours
- Impact proof luminaires with non-glare lighting
- Coloured lighting can be created via RGB LEDs
- Outfitted with Gore™ membrane valves for pressure equalization and condensate reduction
- Integrated reliable protection against rain and moisture ensures that the luminaires remain free of dirt and insects
- Can also be used as emergency luminaire (self-contained luminaire or luminaire for central emergency power supply) – which means that across the board design solutions can be realized.
- Easy to use