Product description

Ceiling luminaires
Darklight mirror louvres: plastic. Housing: sheet steel, powder-coated. Removable frame: aluminium, powder-coated. Darklight mirror louvres: plastic. Safety glass, transparent. Hinges: stainless steel. Two cable inlets for through-wiring. Cable diameter 7-10 mm. In-built electronic ballast.
Ball impact proof in accordance with DIN 18032-03.
Type of protection: IP 54, Protection class: I
Dimensions: L 500, B 500, H 130
Lamp/Wattage: TC-L 72 - 108 W
Available colour: black


Box-shaped art
The term “art” normally refers to creative works produced by individuals with a particular vision that they wish to express – a vision that in some cases can be confusing. But our highly versatile LIGHT CASE luminaire is anything but confusing, thanks to the clear statement it makes – namely that when it comes to form and design, art encompasses all possible concepts, dimensions and architectural styles.
Our LIGHT CASE luminaire is, functionally speaking, a visual art. The “configurability” of this superior quality interior and exterior luminaire is in a class of its own. The possibilities are virtually unlimited; for our LIGHT CASE is either square or rectangular shaped and can be used as a downlight, linear or large-area luminaire. Or it can be integrated into emergency lighting, pendant lighting, or coloured lighting. And the dimensional possibilities, ranging from 23 to 200 cm running lengths, are virtually inexhaustible as well. LIGHT CASE housings are made of powder-coated sheet steel, while its removable frame is constructed of powder-coated aluminium. There are various surface colours to choose from. The LIGHT CASE’s hinges are made of stainless steel, and the luminaire is available with opal plastic or frosted safety glass diffusers.

- Extraordinarily versatile indoor or outdoor designer luminaire that can be mounted on walls or ceilings, posts or wall extensions, or as a pendant luminaire
- Can be used as a downlight, linear or large-area luminaire
- Available in running lengths ranging from 23 to 200 cm
- Available in various surface and lighting colours
- Available with safety glass covers
- Ballasts (LLB, EB) can be integrated
- Emergency conversion kits and lampholders can be integrated
- Available with lamp reignition monitors