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Bathroom taps-Shower controls >


Designed by Simone Micheli, REM is an essential line suitable to contemporary spaces. “When I started thinking about the Rem collection my mind went immediately to the contemporary man, to his habits, his way of living, his way of perceiving space and communication systems. That’s how Rem was born. I conceived it as a fragment of a set up system connected to domestic environments but also capable of expressing formal and substantial innovation; I imagined it like a sign set able to touch those human hearts that love the beauty and the semantic truths of their own time; I created it as a new metropolitan icon, wishing to transform it into a real symbol of our present and future. This new collection I created for Zazzeri can be considered by any reader or user like a new adventurous and extremely functional mate that silently expresses, trough its own geometries, elegance, respect for the surroundings, magic, dream!” Simone Micheli. Available in several versions, Rem is able to satisfy all functional and design needs. The washbasin mixer exists in 8 different solutions and the rest of the series consists of various surface and built-in articles with changeable spout length. The mixers are activated by a lever attached to a cylindrical handle which lifts form it, and rotates with it only when regulating the water temperature. All articles are made in brass with chrome finishing and have a traditional cartridge.