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Product description

Imagine an apartment with an awkward little niche – too small for a bookcase, unless it were custom made, of course. It was to solve this problem that the pull-out Duo was developed. This set of shelves can be expanded from 110 cm to 165 cm in width. As incredible as this may sound, the principle is actually very simple, because Duo consists of two separate frames which can slide into each other as required. That stability is guaranteed no matter what the width goes without saying. If the frames are pulled apart, the width of the shelves increases, their basic geometry changing depending on how far apart the frames are – an effect which is both charming and practical at the same time. Imagine, therefore, that space is not an issue, but that all that counts are the requirements. Imagine an avid collector, for example, whose collection is growing all the time. Thanks to Duo, the shelves that house that collection can now grow with it. And you can’t get more practical than that!

Sliding shelf DUO
Veneered in oak, black, or eucalyptus, natural. Aluminium reinforced.