Product description

H3: 39W LED - 3050 lumen 2700°K - CRI 80

This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps. A++ A A

The lamps cannot be changed in the luminaire



Ipe is a family of wall lamps providing indirect light both upward and downward, which guarantees an excellent visual comfort as well as an unexpected luminous effect. The smallest version functions with a halogen light bulb, and all the other models function with highperformance energy-saving light bulbs. Ipe is made of aluminium, polished, and painted. The shape of the device draws its inspirations from metal beams used in architecture, hence the name of the lamp. It is original and yet discreet; its small dimensions and the fact that it is easy to assemble make it a very practical lamp both at home and in public spaces.

Die-cast aluminium body, polished and painted with high temperature varnish; moulded steel wall fitting and pirex glass protection.

1xR7s-118mm max 120W HDG Halogen ECO