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With the new Rossoacoustic TP30 WOOL panel, Rossoacoustic is offering its first selection of fabric covers from Kvadrat, an innovative manufacturer from Denmark. From the very beginning, the Kvadrat brand has stood for high quality, and the company is one of the most renowned providers of interior fabrics and fabric related products for modern architecture.
With Rossoacoustic TP30 WOOL, Rossoacoustic has succeeded in achieving a sensual fusion of acoustic functionality and the soft, cosy feel of fabrics. Using the DIVINA3 und DIVINA MELANGE 2 collections offered by Kvadrat, you can individually match Rossoacoustic TP30 WOOL to your fabric-covered lounge and seating furniture. DIVINA is a woven wool material (100% virgin wool), fulled in an additional process. This gives the material its pleasant, soft and felt-like feel. DIVINA - like wool fabrics in general - also has a positve effect on the indoor climate.

Rossoacoustic TP30 WOOL possesses high acoustic efficiency as all Rossoacoustic TP30 and CP30 panels. Here too, the new, lightweight Rossoacoustic fleece forms a very light and strong honeycomb core in combination with the Rossoacoustic honeycomb structure. Besides ensuring acoustic effectiveness, this confi guration is also responsible for the partition’s great strength and unmatched light weight.

Sound absorbing and sound shielding panel with internal honeycomb structure, 30 mm thick.
Fabric covering by KVADRAT DIVINA.

All colours of the Kvadrat collection:

575 x 1600 x 30 mm
575 x 1800 x 30 mm
575 x 2000 x 30 mm
900 x 1600 x 30 mm
900 x 1800 x 30 mm
900 x 2000 x 30 mm
900 x 2200 x 30 mm
1150 x 1600 x 30 mm
1150 x 2200 x 30 mm