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Stainless steel rods
Stainless steel rods
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Our rosso curtain rods offer almost unlimited possibilities. Ceiling mounting or wall mounting. Vertical or horizontal. The ends of the rods are flat, allowing different endpieces (finials) to be added. We can also bend the rods according to your template or dimensions. Special dimensions are also no problem. We cut rods and brackets to your requirements with speed and precision. Double-run brackets are available for double runs. Here, too, special dimensions are no problem. Our intermediate brackets allow support of long rods without hindering pulling of the curtain (clear run). (Matching accessories: Curtain rings for clear run). Two types of corner connectors are available: screw-in and plug-in. Special brackets are also available. Please give details for corner brackets by faxing us a dimensional drawing. Use wallmounts for alcove mounting. The patented clamping ring ensures maximum freedom for fastening the fabric, whether sewn or not, with or without tape, eyelets, thimbles etc. Posters, sketches and plans can also be held with the clamping ring. Stainless steel hooks or gathering hooks are used for conventional fastening. The stainless steel requires no care, but can be cleaned with a cloth or even scoured with a Scotch pad™ (to remove scratches).