Product description

CP30 BASIC Membrane body. Sound shielding and transparent/translucent membrane body with internal honeycomb structure, 30mm thick, non microperforated surface surrounded by transparent edge.

575 x 1600 x 30 mm
575 x 1800 x 30 mm
575 x 2000 x 30 mm
900 x 1600 x 30 mm
900 x 2200 x 30 mm
1150 x 1600 x 30 mm
1150 x 2200 x 30 mm

Product family



Rossoacoustic CP30 Basic possesses a fascinating lightness and materiality. The organic honeycomb structure of the membrane bodies looks exceedingly alive, in spite of its sober appearance. Rossoacoustic CP30 BASIC is framed by a transparent edge in order to protect the filigree honeycomb structure while maintaining the visual appearance of floating.

Rossoacoustic CP30 BASIC is ideally suited for zoning in areas where there is already adequate acoustic attenuation. It is the perfect way to ensure easy and effective screening against noise.

Rossoacoustic CP30 BASIC ensures the necessary acoustic conditioning in the work place.
What is unique is the fact that Rossoacoustic CP30 BASIC is translucent or even transparent in spite of their acoustic effectiveness. Acoustically effective formats can therefore be used without anyone‘s view being obstructed.