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Project "European Investment Bank - Luxemburg"
Project "European Investment Bank - Luxemburg"
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European investment Bank

The EIB has placed its new building on the Kirchberg in Luxembourg directly next to the headquarters of the bank. The 10-story steel-glass-concrete building was built based on the plans of the Ingenhoven Architects office in Düsseldorf, and optically it impressively combines the old and new elements of the building. The design of the structure is modest but at the same time innovative.

For the new building, Rosskopf & Partner AG manufactured the giant globe inlaid in the parquet floor using solid surface material in various dimensions and several different colours. The internationally renowned Irish artist, Michael Craig Martin, designed the plan for the floor and chose the special colours to be manufactured exclusively for this project.

The globe consists of 100 individual parts that were all pre-manufactured in Rosskopf & Partner AG’s facility in Hennersdorf. For milling the templates into the finished parquet floor, 92 MDF templates were made, which then made it possible to mill the parquet on location. The grooves alone for the installers had a combined total length of over one kilometre.

Through the interior decoration firm, Werner Goebel & Co. KG, in Siegen, Rosskopf & Partner delivered additional furniture and objects, also designed by the Ingenhoven Architects office in Düsseldorf. These also included worktops for the tea kitchens, various roll-able reception desks, standing lecterns, and, in particular, two 17-metre long front panels for the reception desks in EIBs new building.

From the speaker’s lectern, which was also designed by Rosskopf & Partner AG, S.K.H. Grand Duke Henri von Luxemburg held his speech at the opening ceremony for the European Investment Bank’s new building.

If you would like to know more about the European Investment Bank project and the application possibilities of the solid surface material HI-MACS®, we welcome you to contact us.