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In 2016, the Abdali Mall opened a spectacular shopping centre in the new downtown district in the heart of Amman, the capital of Jordan. On five floors with a gross area of approximately 227,000 square meters, it comprises countless shops and several indoor and outdoor restaurants and leisure facilities. The interior of the mall is impressive with its dynamic design ambience; individual floors flow like sweeping balconies around several atriums and light wells. Waterfalls plunge several floors into the depths, and plenty of natural light falls into the interior over an impressively vaulted glass dome. Rosskopf + Partner created unusual, three-dimensionally shaped lounge and media furniture as well as various signposts and information displays made of the solid surface material Avonite® in the colour Polaris to match the flowing architectural decor.

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Avonite® from Aristech Surfaces LLC has a harmonious surface that is pleasant to the touch. Its appearance is elegant and high in quality. Since it can be processed and employed flexibly, the solid surface material Avonite® is extremely versatile. With its functional properties, in addition to other uses, the surface material is suited perfectly for gastronomy, kitchen and bathroom applications in both business and residential areas.