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The HT50 kitchen system designed by Massimo Castagna offers many possible configurations for use. These range from the most basic and minimal layouts, to the linking of island blocks with large snack tables as bridges, up to the theme so dear to Rossana: the portal kitchen, the concept at the heart of high-quality and highly successful products for the company in the eighties. The simple, refined and minimalist aesthetic of the zero-thickness countertop, achieved by joining it with the door panel at 40° and 50° respectively, defines the kitchen, imbuing it with a strong contemporary character.

The use of the most up-to-date servo-assisted door technologies, together with the great care taken with the materials used, guarantees an overall result of outstanding innovation. The extremely high level of personalisation and adaptivity to a range of uses, emphasised by the elegance of the materials used and the tailor-made approach, complete a kitchen design that fits perfectly into the Rossana philosophy and mission statement.

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For over fifty years, a name synonymous in the kitchen world with premium products, contemporary design, advanced technology and uncompromised quality. Rossana has risen above all trends, playing a leading role in the evolution of the modern kitchen. Massimo Castagna has reinterpreted and evolved the basic idea of the contemporary kitchen for Rossana, creating an original and innovative project that goes beyond the concept of a kitchen characterized by doors, and uses instead large capacity bases with low plinths and a great variety of special components that come together with the bases themselves, creating new meaning and function, with a remarkable scope for personalization. A dynamic and continuously evolving project that constantly gains new elements, new values, new materials and new significance, in a simple yet realistic and effective approach that lends functionality and personality to any kitchen design and goes far beyond what we are used to experiencing. The special components are each objects in their own right with a distinct personality. Each has its own specific qualities and makes different use of materials, from Corian and hand-veneered oiled wood to burnished brass and highly resistant lacquer finishes, with unique forms and a design more akin to living area furniture than previously associated with the kitchen.