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Inwood Caramel
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Product description

glazed porcelain (gl) | woods | 15x100 - th. 10 mm, 7,5x45 - th. 10 mm | 28,5x32 caramel mosaico spina, 30x30 caramel mosaico, 30x100x4 caramel gradino lineare + toro, 15x100x4 caramel gradino angolo + toro dx, 15x100x4 caramel gradino angolo + toro sx, 7,5x100 caramel battiscopa, 100x15x4 caramel gradino lineare + toro

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Some love it for its purity and essentialness, some for its timeless old-school appeal. Rugged and alive, wood has long been a favourite of architects and designers, and was also our inspiration in creating the Inwood collection. Blending the qualities of various wood types, the new series features ceramic surfaces with a charmingly rugged feel to both sight and touch. The six precious colourations, with their attractive warm tones, have been accurately selected to bring out the natural essence of wood in all its beauty and imperfection. The tiles are especially impressive for their intriguing shade variations, capable of creating different moods depending on how they are laid, in a bewitching maze of contrasts and hues.
Flooring tiles are available in two different formats: 15x100 cm and 7,5x45 cm. A matching 15x61 cm format can be used to add a whole new layer of style and movement to your walls, thanks to the scenic 3D effect created by the tiles' varying thickness (7 to 11 millimetres) and by their three colour schemes obtained by combining the six nuances.