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Decape' Blanc | Spina
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full body porcelain stoneware (gl) | woods | 30x120 - th. 10 mm, 20x120 - th. 10 mm | 39,6x32,9 blanc spina, 33x120x4 blanc angolo lineare + toro destro, 33x120x4 blanc angolo lineare + toro sinistro, 33x120x4 blanc gradino lineare + toro, 8x45 dc blanc battiscopa

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For those for whom classic style is a must, an opportunity to bring a warm, vintage touch. Vintage, recycled style has been gaining ground for years now, focusing first on stone and subsequently on wood. This trend, initially confined to a niche market, has gradually become more widespread, appealing to a market with different requirements in terms of classic style and balance. Riding this wave, oak – the European wood par excellence, the most common and most closely bound to tradition and a warm, family atmosphere – has hitherto been offered in a distinctive, country-style guise; such products, striking though they are, are certainly not suitable for every setting. On this occasion, Ceramica Rondine’s idea is to apply the vintage, recycling concept to a more classic solution (with the traditional warmth of oak, but offering a selection able to eliminate – as wood producers seek to do – the most obvious gnarls, scratched effects and structural roughness), reinventing and refreshing the material, but gently and with a subtle approach. A carefully selected, sophisticated wood, for a perfectly balanced product.
Sizes available: 20x120 and 30x120, rectified. 3 colours available: GRIS – BLANC and NATURAL.