Caddy Post

Kitchen organization from Ronda design, Designed by Gino Carollo

Product description

Caddy Post is a painted metal panel with a luminous slot arranged horizontally or vertically. Created to be used within Caddy compositions, the Caddy Post panel performs both a practical lighting function and a scenographic game of light cuts. Like all elements of the modular Caddy system, the Caddy Post panel also fits comfortably on the system racks, making installation quick and easy.
The lighting is generated by an LED panel fixed to the back of the panel, which also houses the transformer inside. Caddy Post can be controlled by an optional remote control or connected to the wall switch. The warm light (3000k) generated by the panel makes it suitable for any type of domestic application, from the kitchen to the bedroom.
The Caddy boiserie can be further customized by applying shelves and other magnetic accessories that allow you to create ever new compositions.

L50 H60 D2cm (horizontal Led)
L50 H80 D2cm (vertical Led)

Metal: White, Black, Graphite, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Taupe, Green, Blue, Pewter, Bronze, Burnished Copper


Caddy is a modular system of painted metal paneling consisting of bands of panels of different sizes that can be mounted in a staggered manner for a particularly elegant and effective aesthetic result.
The Caddy panels are mounted on handy rear racks that allow quick installation both vertically and horizontally. The composition is freely configurable and re-configurable and can be integrated with numerous optional rack elements (mirror modules, light modules, hanging modules, etc.).
Caddy is a wall paneling that can be equipped in a personal and creative way with magnetic accessories dedicated to different types of environments such as living room, kitchen, entrance hall, headboard and can also be used to furnish cafes and restaurants. Containers and shelves of different sizes (with a capacity of up to 10 kg) can be combined in different ways and can also be used as plant holders to create “vertical green” style walls.
Manufacturer Ronda design
Family Caddy
Architonic ID 20185635
Order number CY69 CY79
Year of Launch 2020

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