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Acoustical tiles from 100% wool

Wool dampens sound brilliantly, and the FeltTile is designed to achieve absorbent class A according to the NS-ISO 354 standard. The wool felt is tested at NTNU by Prof. em. Tor Erik Vigran with cheerful results. The effect has also been experienced by all of our pilot-customers.

100% natural
The felt used in our products is made from 100% wool, so no synthetic stuff. The wool comes from the Mongolian steppes and is processed in the city Erdenet. Here is a nice little fun fact for you; one FeltTile contains wool from approximately two full-grown Mongolian sheep.

Four tiles will make one square meter, each FeltTile is 52 cm by 52 cm. The thickness is as much as 4 cm in order to achieve superb acoustic dampening.

Suspended from the ceiling by wires and fastened with the Rom & Tonik pins, the FeltTiles are easy to mount and even move around. Each tile is fastened directly to the wires, so you can make pretty much any configuration you can think of.

There are three different versions of the FeltTile available. One is light grey, one is dark grey and the last is a combination of the two. We find that the calm natural tones of grey go well with just about any interior and they will go great with yours. If you want other colours, we will dye and the blend to your preferances.