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With MILKYWAY, rohi is adding a highly complex textile design to the collection with an impressive overall effect. The elaborate pattern is composed of a countless multitude of over 100,000 star-like dots and is reminiscent of the Milky Way. In the seemingly endless repeat, over 3 metres long and 60 cm wide, the pattern, which appears random, is not repeated even once along its entire length. The repeat is displayed just three times over the entire width of 1.50 metres. This means that every cut-out is individual, every piece of furniture becomes unique with MILKYWAY. This rohi special fabric is available in 8 carefully selected colours, each colour combination expresses the special nature of the design in a different nuance.


As the pattern is not repeated over the entire length of more than 3 metres and no two cut-outs are alike, each MILKYWAY seat unit is unique. The starry design of MILKYWAY is composed of 2 accent colours. Depending on the detail, the pattern has more dots or is more uniform, the colours are mixed in a balanced way or are almost single-coloured. With MILKYWAY, individual one-offs are created that are never entirely predictable, but always appear harmonious thanks to the sophisticated design.


MILKYWAY is textile sophistication that not only impresses visually, but also opens up completely new possibilities in cover design and the overall textile concept. Whether on spacious sofa landscapes, accentuating with smaller solitaires or for complete seating arrangements. An exciting, unique overall picture, especially in rooms with repetitive seating units is created.

Incidentally, the deliberately irregular pattern cleverly reduces the amount of waste, because each cut-out can be freely chosen, which creates exciting overall compositions.


Like every rohi wool fabric, MILKYWAY embodies premium quality ‘Made in Germany’. Manufactured from the naturally renewable raw material finest virgin wool, MILKYWAY has unique quality advantages and is ideal for residential and public use due to its durability, resistance to dirt, flame retardancy and acoustic properties. Thanks to the complex rohi jacquard weaving technique and our many years of experience in textile design, we can implement complex patterns such as MILKYWAY in our weaving mill.

In addition to the 8 colours selected for the collection, our special manufacturing process also allows to implement individual colours on request. Thus, also customized colours are possible from our special MILKYWAY from 25 running metres upwards.

Content: 94% WV 6% PA
Weight approx.: 360 g/m2 - 540 g/lm
Width approx.: 150 cm

Abrasion: 50.000 rubs ISO 12947-2
Light transmission: DIN EN 410
Lightfastness: ≥ 5 ISO 105-B02 (yarn dyed)
Pilling: ≥ 4-5 ISO 12945-2

virgin wool – worsted yarn quality
easy care, breathable and stain-resistant
durable, hard-wearing
yarn dyed for brilliant colours and
good lightfastness
don‘t expose to direct sunlight
production and design ’Made in Germany’ since 1933

wool is naturally flame retardant
rohi wool fabrics satisfy the following standards
with no additional flame retardant finish:
CAL TB 117 – 2013
DIN EN 1021-1/ -2
BS 5852 Part 1: 1979
UNI 9175 1 IM
IMO 2014/90/EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED)

with additional flame retardant finish:
BS 5852: 2006 Crib5
DIN 4102-1 B2
DIN EN 13501-1 E
FAR 25.853 12 sec. vertical

Flow resistivity: Rs = 762 Pa s/m ISO 9053-1
Sound absorption folded: αw = 0,80/ B ISO 11654

natural, renewable material
RAL-UZ 117 Attachment 2+3
IWTO Guidelines for Wool Sheep Welfare
AB 2998 (US export standard)
REACH (EU export standard)

special finish: anti-shrink, anti-pilling
dimout option on request
development of individual fabrics for
architects‘ and designers‘ concepts
special colours from 25 lm



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