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DOUBLE is a “total outdoor” seating system designed to recreate the relaxation and the exclusive atmosphere of an indoor space in an outdoor living room.
Matter is the main focus: in DOUBLE poufs a multi-layered stuffing in different densities, is combined with a 3D net. The hydro-draining technology of the paddings, together with the 3D net allow DOUBLE to always stay in the outside, guaranteeing an optimal water draining and quick dry
Hence the name of the collection: DOUBLE may be presented “undressed” in its mesh-like skin or “dressed” in fabric, choosing an upholstery cover from a selection of fabrics in a wide colour palette and appealing patterns. Size: ø60cm x h42cm

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RODA’s creative experience continues to put research and design at the centre of its activity. The desire to pursue the same mindful and consistent approach which, ever since the outset, has characterized this company, has led it to develop a well-defined design philosophy, fruit of a high profile technological and stylistic research. The result is a collection of outdoor products designed to create a proper al fresco living space, which may now be furnished with the same attention normally dedicated to interiors.

In the case of outdoor furnishings, technology is obliged to focus on materials: it is of fundamental importance to study the structural elements because design has to tackle the question of resistance; the task consists in identifying materials which, when combined, withstand any adverse weather conditions. After introducing outdoor upholstered products with the DANDY project, RODA and Rodolfo Dordoni are now presenting their latest challenge: DOUBLE. This is a variegated and versatile seating system which extends the range of iconic interior sofas to comprise a “total outdoor” version, specifically studied, that is, to encounter the growing demand for outdoor furnishings that reflect the typical precepts of interior decor.

Together with form, matter is the protagonist of DOUBLE: aluminium has been chosen for its strength and lightness to shape the structure of this sofa. Its original and exclusive interpretation has taken on an elegant and luxurious form, in combination with new materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. The aluminium frame has been dressed in a soft, multi-layered upholstery, combined in its turn with a new 3D mesh available in several colours which may either be left on view or covered in a wide selection of outdoor fabrics from the RODA textile collection.
Hence the name of the collection: DOUBLE as in “double face” because the sofa may be “dressed” in fabric or presented “undressed” in its mesh-like skin. Details such as stitching and the use of buttons to decorate armrests and backrests, giving verve to the structure, are typical features of classic indoor sofas. Besides the sofa system, DOUBLE collection includes armchairs, dining chairs, poufs and a large sunlounger of great comfort.

The possibility to choose an upholstery cover for DOUBLE, from a sumptuous selection of soft fabrics in a vast colour palette and appealing patterns, upgrades the style of this new collection to that of indoor furnishings. A simple, clean-lined design highlights the pronounced geometric vocation of this collection, destined to be a timeless classic. DOUBLE comprises sectional sofas, an armchair, a pouf and chairs. Available in various finishes and sizes, all elements may be used in their original mesh cover or upholstered in fabric.