Product description

Perfect for ceilings and walls, the innovative monolithic surface delivers outstanding acoustic comfort and fire protection.
Flat or curved. Direct or suspended installation. A unique design solution for new build or renovation projects alike.
The refined white surface provides high light reflection and light diffusion, ensuring even light distribution and reducing the need for artificial light.
A completely seamless system that allows for easy integration of all services and the possibility to repair the surface.

Monolithic system comprising a 40mm stone wool panel, filler and render
Visible side: elegant and refined seamless acoustic render
Rear side: high performance membrane (Rockfon Mono Acoustic Direct is supplied with a mineral fleece).

Technical Data

Sound absorption
αw: up to 1.00 (Class A)

Direct sound insulation
Rw = 22 dB
* Rockfon Mono Acoustic panels
** Rockfon Mono Acoustic Direct panels
Sound absorption values are valid for flat surfaces.
When conducting an acoustic study, please take into account the services integrated into the ceiling as well as the project layout.

Indoor environment
A selection of Rockfon products have been awarded the Finnish M1 emission classification for building materials and the Danish Indoor Climate Label for low emission products.

Stone wool provides no sustenance to microorganisms.

Reaction to fire


Our undisturbed and expressive surface brings great acoustic comfort and a crisp, clean monolithic aesthetic to any space -new build or renovation-big project or small.