Product description

Rockfon Blanka has a smooth, deep matt, super white surface with high light reflection and light diffusion, which contributes to energy savings and a bright and comfortable indoor environment.
Rockfon Blanka’s non-directional surface reduces installation time and the anti-static surface withstands exposure to site dust.
The enhanced surface durability makes Rockfon Blanka more resistant to dirt and everyday wear and tear, extending the product lifetime.

Stone wool tile
Visible side: smooth, deep matt, super white painted fleece
Rear side: back fleece

Technical data

Sound absorption
αw: up to 1.00 (Class A)

Indoor environment
A selection of Rockfon products have been awarded the Finnish M1 emission classification for building materials and the Danish Indoor Climate Label for low emission products.

Stone wool provides no sustenance to microorganisms.

Reaction to fire

Product family


Featuring our whitest, smoothest finishes, the Design White series is an assortment of ceilings available with a full range of edges and formats, including special dimensions.

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