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Armani | Roca
Armani | Roca
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Among Roca’s novelties for 2011, particularly noteworthy is the exclusive Armani/Roca bathroom space, an elegant integrated interior design concept created in partnership with the Giorgio Armani Group. The goal of Roca’s other proposals is to set trends and deliver unique solutions. The Armani bathroom concept is an island of sophistication with a revolutionary approach which offers all kinds of practical solutions to the most contemporary home.Giorgio Armani: “ When it came to creating this exclusive space with Roca, I imagined a completely innovative concept which would combine practicality and pleasure in a completely effortless and natural way. A beautiful and harmonius space which would elegantly and subtly combine all the functional aspects of a bathroom, whilst at the same time providing an area comfort and well-being”.


Roca presents its new Armani/Roca bathroom space – a fully integrated concept of elegant and modern interior design created in collaboration with the prestigious Italian design firm.

The result of this collaboration is a totally innovative concept that integrates practicality and pleasure in a very natural and fluid way. The most advanced technological solutions combine with elegant and sophisticated luxury to transform the bathroom into an almost sacred place, where all five senses will be stimulated in a pleasurable way.

The Armani / Roca project highlights an innovative bathroom space that conveys the brand’s core values. The new Armani / Roca bathroom concept stands out especially as a fully integrated proposal that ranges from wall and floor coatings to ceiling lighting, including bathroom fittings, accessories and everything that the bathroom space needs. All of this has been conceived while maintaining the inimitable style and philosophy that Giorgio Armani applies to home décor design.

For the first time, the bathroom space is shaped in the form of an island, integrating all of the essential elements into one singular style and maintaining a harmonious atmosphere that exudes sophistication. All the elements are brought together and divided into four modular zones: a wellness bath area, beauty area, shower area and basic needs area.

The new Armani / Roca bathroom concept fulfils all the design criteria for a bathroom in its purest state without losing an ounce of luxury and sensuality. This delicate balance is
achieved thanks to the careful selection of materials, choice of textures and some surprising combinations.

In conclusion, this exclusive proposal from Armani / Roca stands out as a luxurious bathroom space that invites you to free yourself of tension, build up your energy and take care of yourself according to your needs and feelings at any moment.