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Milan Gas Fire Table
Milan Gas Fire Dining Table
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The Milan Gas Fire Dining Table was designed for high-end restaurants and those who love eating outdoors.

Made from the same high-quality stainless steel and granite as all our other gas fires, the Milan provides a truly special dining experience. With enough space to fit eight guests, the Milan is the talking point for any dinner party.

The Milan like all Rivelin products is made in Sheffield, UK.

The gas fire table is constructed from 4mm laser cut stainless steel which is powder-coated to suit your personal style.

The stunning granite sits atop the stainless steel base and each fire goes through rigorous quality control.

The gas fire is powered by Rivelin’s unique CE approved gas burner. The burner was designed by our engineers using their 15 years’ experience in the fire industry.

The burner comes in two variants to work with different fuels, LPG or natural gas.

The burner is covered by a stainless steel trim and lid to protect the burner when not in use. The Milan also comes with a removable, 4 piece 6mm toughened glass wind-shield which is ideal on breezy evenings and an all-weather cover to keep the table in pristine condition over the winter and in adverse weather.

The fire is controlled by a manual gas valve which is housed inside a powder coated stainless steel enclosure on the side of the table. Turning the gas valve ignites the pilot light and you can then adjust the height of the flames to meet your demands.

Dimensions: 1400mm (W) x 1400mm (D) x 750mm (H)
Base Weight: 80kgs
Granite Top weight: 160kgs
Total Weight: 240kgs