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Riva 1920 >
Mario Botta >
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Seating-Stools >
Lounge area/Waiting room-Ottomans >
Multipurpose-Multipurpose stools >
Seating-Stools >
Lounge area/Waiting room-Ottomans >
Multipurpose-Multipurpose stools >

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CLESSIDRA (hourglass) is a product born out of Mario Botta’s fertile imagination and wit. The stool is carved out of a single block of scented cedar wood. The solid cedar block, previously squared off, is placed inside a high-technology machine that carves the block around to obtain this highly original shape that almost looks like two hemispheres, one placed upside down over the other.
They are products made of solid wood and are completely natural and hand-finished, without other treatments; further movements, cracks or changing of the wood are unique characteristics of the furniture and are due to the natural settlement and to the different environmental conditions.

CLESSIDRA can also be “stacked”: thanks to a metal pin that can be inserted into the centre of the seat, one stool can be set on another to make a “sculpture” as well as an interesting piece of furniture.

Pigmented finish for oak the pigmentation proposed in a black version is applied on oak wood, which has been previously brushed by hand. This process enables the colour to be naturally absorbed into the veining; the colour is applied by hand to create a homogenous effect on the top. When it’s dry, there is the last finish with natural oils.

Outdoor finish for cedar is a natural process that allows the cedar wood to have a refined dove grey colour, simply by putting the cedar pieces outdoor. Thanks to the sunlight and the bad weather and as the time passes, 6 months/1 year are enough, the colour will transform from a warm yellow colour into a cold grey.