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Boss Executive Ovale
Riva 1920 >
Davide Riva >, Maurizio Riva >
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Tables-Dining tables >
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Product description

Table made of solid wood with glued boards that is characterised by legs visible from the surface of the top, made from sections of tree trunks. Available in the variants: oval, round, squared and rectangular. Finish: base of oil / natural wax of vegetable origin with pine extracts. The products are made from completely natural, hand-finished wood. Any movements, cracks and changes in the appearance of the wood are intrinsic characteristics of these items and result from the natural settlement and diverse environmental conditions of the wood.

CM: L. 200/220 · P. 100 · H. 73,5
CM: L. 240/260 · P. 110 · H. 73,5

Important information and delivery times for the BOSS EXECUTIVE table

The legs of the BOSS EXECUTIVE table are made of blocks of solid wood. Each trunk used for the production of the legs is truly unique. Indeed the very possession of this product is as unique and exclusive as the material and its manufacture. The supply of these large trunks (WALNUT and OAK), their cut and selection procedures involve much more time than the standard processing of material in standard widths. This is why delivery times for these products may be subjected to delays of up to a few weeks. The blocks cannot be thoroughly dried because of their considerable size and drying will take place gradually within the environment in which they are located. It is important to note that any movements of the wood, cracks or splits (in particular of solid wood blocks used for the legs of the BOSS EXECUTIVE table), clearly visible at delivery or afterward, are to be considered peculiar features of any product that is entirely made of solid wood. If you are not willing to accept the natural features present in this solid wood product, we suggest you opt for the “BOSS BASIC” version with leg frames made of solid wood and an empty inner section. These table legs do not cross over the tabletop.

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