Three stone essences re-interpreted by Rex in fine porcelain stoneware, for a new wealth linked to the richness of a material becoming decorative subject.

The different sizes and surfaces allow to create new materic matches and use the same type of stone both inside and outside an architectural structure, maintaining an unostentatious and elegant design.
Pierres, with its sensual colours, the graphic veining and the chromatic depths, enriches space and defines its edges.

Pierres is technical porcelain obtained by blending mixtures and speckled flakes: to bring the collections aesthetically nearer to the natural stone it is inspired by, graphics have been penetrated into the mixture during production.

The shades have been realised to answer the different design requirements: Pierre de Santarems is a neutral white (off-white), used anywhere in architecture; Pierre de Bourgogne is a light, warm beige, suitable for traditional homes; Pierre de Vallonie is a luxurious black, inspired by the trends of the North-European interior design, in particular Belgian, an indispensable reference for those dealing with interior architecture.

Pierres introduces three different finishes on all colours: natural (called honed), glossy and structured. One project, one collection. In fact, for the first time in Rex, a single type of stone offers applicative solutions for different uses, satisfying the design requirements of professionals able to choose amongst the different finishes of Pierres, without having to use other materials.
• The natural finish (polished not glossy), is an extremely versatile and performing surface, suitable for indoor use, protected outdoor areas (like porticoes or arcades), ventilated façades.
• The glossy finish (a novelty for Rex), is a luxurious surface for indoor, and obtained by polishing precious grit. The high mechanical resistance and the excellent performance, make this finish a valuable exclusive.
• The structured finish is particularly suitable for outdoor or indoor wall tiling where wanting to obtain a natural rock effect. The excellent results obtained during the technical slipping trials, make this surface also suitable for swimming pool installations.

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tiles

30 x 60
60 x 60
5 x 5 (tessere mosaico)
20 x 20 (structured)
20 x 30 (structured)
20 x 60 (structured)
45 x 45 (matte - shiny)
45 x 90 (matte - shiny)