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The strong link between Rex and fashion and design trends underpins this interpretation of 1970s luxury, expressed by adorning the home with highly-valued objects and jewel details to embellish it as if it were a human body.

Marble is processed like rich fabrics for expensive clothes, and gemstones designed to create noble trinkets are transformed into elegant walls, to decorate the surroundings with style and originality. Alabaster, naturally luxurious and with its symmetrical geometries, leads us into a fairy-tale labyrinth: its harshness is transformed into warm, ductile, contemporary lightness, following an extraordinary, exclusive path that rekindles the imagination.

Shapes, colours and nuances become the starting point to externalise more and more seductive emotions and suggestions, creating incredibly sophisticated, one-off solutions.

A consistent, continual research underpinning the desire to give new life to highly exclusive surfaces. GLI ALABASTRI DI REX enhances the exceptional and infinite attributes of the material, created with cutting-edge production systems that allow the quality of a handmade product to be maintained unaltered.

7 shades with a strong expressive appeal and 1 optical white to illuminate the whole collection – unusual colours that fill the space, taking a starring role.

Dimensions (cm) coloured body porcelain stoneware

30x30 mosaico (3x15-shiny)
30x30 mosaico 3d (3x3-shiny)
60x120 (shiny)
80x180 (shiny)
80x80 (shiny)