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fiona conventions
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Product description

Clamp connection of chairs for conventions and events injected in translucent polycarbonate.

Measures 19,81 x 19.29 x 31.89 in
Weight 12.65 lb

Product family


Dd extends its collection of fiona chairs with versions based on the combination of new colours and materials. Joining the originating colours, a chromatic range inspirated by nature with sober and soft tones ideal for outdoor spaces that also work perfectly indoors.
The combinations version allows a two-colour design. This option also plays with the different textures of the materials, putting polypropylene seat with a translucent polycarbonate back, the result gives the piece an attractive visual effect.

Last, the convention version reaffirms even more the great versatility of this collection. In this option, a connection clamp and side table is added to the earlier models. This makes a practical work chair oriented to halls, meeting and training rooms, etc. The side table is in phenolic compact and the clamp with injected in translucent polycarbonate. Both accessories are easy to put together and take apart, so the same chair can be used, at your convinience, in various places.

Chair and armchair for indoor and/or outdoor use. Seat injected with polypropylene and back injected with polypropylene or polycarbonate. Stackable. UV protection.

Fiona colours: white, orange, ivory, dark grey, black, chocolate, olive green, green grey.
Fiona combinations colours: olive green + chocolate, green grey + chocolate, green grey + olive green
Fiona combinations materials: transparent + black, transparent + white