Product description

This large cantilevered floor light takes its inspiration from the mast arrangements of classic sailing boats. The simple, two dimensional silhouette relies on a tensioned electrical cable for support. Constructed in spun aluminum and steel, the Spar Floor Light breaks down for easy shipping.
Materials: Steel, Aluminium
Product Code: SPF01B- Spar Light Black with Red Cable (Arms)
SPB01B- Spar Light Black with Red Cable (Base)
SPF01BL- Spar Light Black with Black Cable (Arms)
SPB01BL- Spar Light Black with Black Cable (Base)
Colour Options: Black with Red cabl, Black with Black cable
Packaging: SPF01- L1500mm x W105mm x H45mm/ L59”x W4.1”x H1.7”
CBM- 0.007/ Cubic Ft- 0.237
SPB01- L440mm x W440mm x H230mm/ L17”x W17”x H9”
CBM- 0.44/ Cubic Ft- 1.5
Packing Weight: SPF01- 3.1kg/ 7Lbs, SPB01- 10.6kg/ 23Lbs
Product Dimensions: L1850mm x W1550mm x H360mm/ L73”x W45”x H14”
Bulb Spec: E27 Bulb - 7W Energy Saver. USA- E26
Certification: CE
Warranty: 3 years

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