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Circus 250 Pendant
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New Zealand
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Interior lighting-Suspended lights >
Interior lighting-Suspended lights >

Product description

Brushed Brass

Colour Options
Frame - Brushed Brass
Cable - Black
Canopy - Matt Black

Product Code / Dimensions
CIR012BR- Circus 250 Brass Two- L250 x W16 x H500mm (9.84" x 0.63" x 19.7")
CIR013BR- Circus 250 Bass Three- L250 x W16 x H750mm (9.84" x 0.63" x 29.5")
CIR014BR- Circus 250 Brass Four- L250 x W16 x H1000mm (9.84" x 0.63" x 39.4")
CIR015BR- Circus 250 Brass Five- L250 x W16 x H1250mm (9.84" x 0.63" x 49.2")
CIR016BR- Circus 250 Brass Six- L250 x W16 x H1500mm (9.84" x 0.63" x 59")
CIR017BR- Circus 250 Brass Seven- L250 x W16 x H1750mm (9.84" x 0.63" x 68.9")
CIR018BR- Circus 250 Brass Eight- L250 x W16 x H2000mm (9.84" x 0.63" x 78.7")
CIR019BR- Circus 250 Brass Nine- L250 x W16 x H2250mm (9.84" x 0.63" x 88.6")
CIR020BR- Circus 250 Brass Ten- L250 x W16 x H2500mm (9.84" x 0.63" x 98.4")
CIR021BR- Circus 250 Brass Eleven- L250 x W16 x H2750mm (9.84" x 0.63" x 108.3")

Cable length - Min 300mm (11.8') / Max 5000mm (19.7")
Canopy dimensions- Ø285 (11.2') x H50mm (2.0")

Light Source
LED Strip colour temperature 3000K
24 Volts DC- 240W transformer included CRI-95
Lumens - 2304lm per ring

DIM001- Ltech panel
DIM002- Ltech mini LED controller
DIR16- 0-10v Dimmable Driver
DIR17- Phasecut Driver, EU
DIR18- Phasecut Driver, US

Product family


Circus is a remarkable system of interconnected rings which can be arranged in sequence to create striking vertical decoration. Designed by Resident Studio, each brass ring projects an elegantly diffused warm LED lightsource outwards around a 360 degree plane.

The revolutionary plug and play system allows for power sharing between rings and a large range of variations to suit spaces of various shapes and sizes. Circus is a theatrical and truly flexible system ideal for commercial and residential environments.

The rings come in three sizes - 250, 500 and 750mm diameter.
You can specify the Qty of rings
250 diameter = minimum 2 rings, maximum 11 rings
500 diameter = minimum 2 rings, maximum 6 rings
750 diameter = minimum 2 rings, maximum 4 rings