RF1 is an international chair, created by the design studio Foster and Partners in London and developed in collaboration with R. Randers A/S
RF1 is a classically designed chair; beautiful, simple and international design with an emphasis on comfortable seating. For the conference rooms, lecture theatres, classrooms, meeting rooms, canteens or common rooms where people meet people. The slender steel frame makes the chair light, whilst the body is offered good support and rest by the wide seat and back rest. Having a range of convenient functions, the RF1 maintains a straightforward expression and presents itself as a user-friendly piece of furniture. The seat incorporates a tilt function. The seat is tilted back with an easy movement, making the RF1 easy to move around. This function also makes access to, for example, a row of chairs much easier. A timeless chair for any purpose – any occasion.

Update 10_2008
A chair for all situations – once a specialist, once a generalist, but always uncomplicated, elegant and comfortable – that is the RF1 by Randers. Its world class design stems from the famous architecture and design studio Fosters and Partners, London, which has developed this model in accordance with its own demands and for its own purposes together with the Danish object furniture manufacturer Randers. Now the successful design was enriched by an interesting option: at this year’s Orgatec, Randers presents the RF1 in wood version.
A modern, versatile folding chair with steel tube frame out of wood instead of plastics? Does this match with the concept? The answer comes at first sight. The natural material did not take anything away from the chair but gave something to it instead: it did not lose its congeniality, its facileness, its presence and flexibility, which predestine it for its large scale operation all over the world, but it has gained warmness and figure. With seat and back rest in maple or current, distinctively grained walnut, the RF1 also gains in courtesy. This chair furnishes and represents – whether in pure wood or upholstered.
The initiative for this programme extension came from Foster and Partners. But not only the creators of the RF1, also many other architects using the chair on a worldwide basis in their objects – from airports via museums, libraries, seminar and conference rooms to halls and lounges – asked for alternatives. With the wood versions, a more individual note can be given to certain areas, an atmosphere can be created or underlined, halls and meetings can be designed more exclusively.