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Wall Paneling
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Product description

The face fastened wall panel system is defined, and named, for its exposed fasteners. This design uses the least amount of material, making it our most cost effective system that allows designers to still achieve their design intent with our finishes. The face fastened wall panel system is suitable for interior or exterior usages. Applications include, but are not limited to, facades, soffits, canopies, roofs, screen walls, column covers, and interior walls. Additionally, panels may be micro-perforated and have backing added to transform them into acoustic panels.

Material: Aluminum
Gauge: 0.8mm – 3mm
Profiles: Break formed, roll formed, standard, custom
Fastening type: Exposed
Max dimensions: 48″ x 177″

Product Facts: Single Skin Aluminum, Fully customizable, Panel Systems or Flat Sheets, Interior or Exterior Applications, Gauge: 0.6 mm to 3 mm, Flat Sheet Max Size: 48`` x 177``, Up to a 60-year Life Cycle, Meets AAMA 2605 Specification Standards Sustainability: Lower Life Cycle Costs, 20-Year Warranty, No Oil Canning, VOC Free, Red List Free, LEED Credit Qualification, Participates in the mindful MATERIALS Library, Made from at Least 20% Post-Consumer Recycled Content, 100% Recyclable, Resists UV Degradation & Corrosion, Resists Chemical Exposure, Class A Fire Rating, Non-Combustible, Easy to Maintain

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We know our customers are not just looking for four walls to enclose a space. Walls should add ambience, elegance, and warmth. We offer a variety of wall panel system types including custom corrugated, dry joint, face fastened, flat lock and flush/reveal. No matter the system type, all our panels can be perforated to your specification or have backing added to create acoustical walls. When it’s time for fabrication, choose from our trusted network or choose one of your own. Our panels are VOC free, high-strength, lightweight, and made from at least 20% post-consumer recycled content. All panels are infused with our signature FEVE Lumiflon ® coating, allowing each finish to maintain its gloss and color.