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Mrs Robinson - Chest of drawers
Mrs Robinson
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The chest of drawers named after the female lead role in 1969’s movie “The Graduate” has six differently sized drawers, each with individual patterns. The design incorporates a playful interior in a closed and subtle exterior and can be compared to its name giving role model.

Mrs Robinson has found her place in life and has learned to stick to her principles. She knows how to dress – and she certainly knows how to keep her secrets. Mrs Robinson wears a bright outfit. Six fine lines form rectangles on the front side, slightly displaced but never misplaced. The overall impression is discreet, a perfect outfit for many occasions. With a light touch the rectangles on the front can be opened and Mrs Robinson reveals her inner life. Colourful patterns adorn the sides of the containers giving order, guidance and diversification. Everything has its place in Mrs Robinson’s life.

The designers on their work:
“How can we identify ourselves with objects? Some objects seem to have a character of their own – you could call it a soul. To design an object means to give it a shape and a form, material and colours. We strongly believe in the necessity to add more layers to a design than the materialistic aspects - the more layers the more possibilities for identification of the user is provided. Objects can tell stories; they can reveal history or bear mystery and behold secrets. We sometimes imagine, what our designs would be like if they were people. Would they be wild revolutionaries, would they be helping angels or the nice neighbour you have always wanted to talk to?”

Material: Maple wood, mdf