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Strain low chair
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Product description

The Strain low chair is a hybrid between a chair and an armchair. It was designed as a chair that can easily blend in smaller interiors but simultaneously provide comfort of an armchair. The Strain low chair can be combined with or without a functional armrest that follows that main idea. With intertwined leg junctions providing the required firm construction, this low chair follows the main characteristic of the whole Strain collection. To obtain additional comfort, the seat can be upholstered in textile.

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Product family


The Strain product family comprises an easy chair, a bar stool and tables of various heights. This diversified product family shares one common feature: the design of the product base and legs, which is always a challenge. The solution for very distinguishable leg junctions is found in intertwining and intertwisting of steel tubes whose modular relations can change depending on a particular use. The result is a recognizable family of products with variations of a common basic idea where the concept of junctions is not only an appealing formal interplay but also an element that complements the hardness of the construction. Visually light and uncustomary slender, the Strain easy chair offers extraordinary comfort due to the elasticity of leather tightly stretched over the seat shell. A lumbar cushion provides additional comfortableness. A saddle served as the inspiration for the ergonomic design of the solid wood seat of the barstool. This entirely functional family is rounded off with multidimensional coffee tables with various finishes.