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Mado/Rustic Windows WahShi
Mado/Rustic Windows WahShi
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WahShi Architectural Large Sheet

Our mission is to provide architectural, large, and exquisitely crafted pieces of the finest parchment to meet your exact specification and needs.

Architectural custom pieces are our specialty, with seamless sheets available as large as 30 feet x 100 feet. All styles can be made to your desired dimension for interior architectural decoration.

WahShi architectural parchment is a natural choice for any interior intended to convey a sense of calm.

Japanese artisan has an exclusive contract with farmers who only use a bear minimum of chemicals, and employ manual cultivation.

It is successfully produced WahShi without chemical utilization, and does not produce waste (zero emission).

WahShi architectural parchment, unmatched in its beauty and versatility, holds boundless possibilities for use in any interior and exterior architectural application and meets your exact specification for your project.

We can provide complete package of visual proposal to installation work such as:

Wall decor: Wall art, Hanging art, tapestry Large format of decoration, Illuminated wall
Door design: Sliding door, Shoji screen, Cabinet door Hinged interior door, Kitchen cabinet
Room Divider & Screen: Room divider, Partitions, Sliding Screen
Window treatment: Window shade, Sliding shade screen
Lighting fixture: Custom lighting fixture

Color variation is available for any of our WahShi products. By adding color, WahShi design varies from modern style to gracefulness. To meet designers demand, color will be chosen not only from our color chart but also your color reference sample.

Standard sheet A: 24" x 36" (600 mm x 900 mm)
Extra Large sheet: 82" x 118" (2100 mm x 3000 mm)