Product description

max 1x60W HSGT G9
LED 6W -3000K

Product family


Suspended or table lamp for diffused and direct lighting. Blown glass diffuser with external engraving; painted inside or metallized outside.

S3.S5/Small S1
Suspended lamp for diffused or direct lighting.
Structure and ceiling rose: matt white painted.
Diffuser: blown glass painted on the inside or metallized.

Mini S1.S1L.2L.3R.3S.5R.5S.7R.7S.9R.9S
Suspended lamp for diffused lighting.
Ceiling rose: matt white painted metal.
Structure: anodized aluminium.
Diffuser: blown glass with single incision and external painting.
Internal capsule in pyrex glass.

Small T1/T3
Table lamp for diffused lighting.
Structure: white or black metal.
Diffuser: blown transparent decorated glass.