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A versatile and inviting sofa bed. Day and night, a simple mechanism and elegant comfort.
The Naidei. A sofa during the day and a bed at night. Always elegant, functional and inviting. Ideal, with its minimalist lines, for different areas of the home, from the living room to the study and the guest bedroom. The springs in the seat, created by a special system of staves in curved and steam-pressed plywood, guarantee the constant breathability of the mattress. The armrests become practical surfaces during the day or modern bedside tables at night thanks to a foldaway mechanism that can be set to various positions, up to an angle of 90°: in the most open position, an additional shelf upholstered in hide, contrasting with the cover of the sofa bed, can be added to further extend the surface of the product. The Naidei can be transformed into a double bed in just a few moments thanks to an easy-to-use mechanism hidden in the frame. Because of the single-direction wheels and metal lateral sliding guides, a simple pull outwards will remove the bed base. The frame of the Naidei is poplar and birch plywood and solid beech and poplar with polyurethane foam padding and polyester wadding. The cushions are padded with down and polyurethane foam inserts. Covering in Pelle Frau® from the Color System or completely removable fabric. In the Pelle Frau® version, the mattress surface is covered with a protective ecru cotton canvas sheet. Mattress in allergy-free polyurethane foam. Down padded pillows are an optional.

The following is needed to produce a Naidei sofa bed:
25 m2 Pelle Frau® leather
450 m yarn
90 m of stitching
40 kg birch plywood
19 beech plywood staves
17 hours of labour