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he armchair that symbolises Poltrona Frau’s first one hundred years offers a new, free and contemporary version with classic diamond tufting.
Benjamin Hubert, the British wunderkind of international design born in 1984, created the Juliet. This armchair that symbolises Poltrona Frau’s centenary milestone won the design contest launched by the company to celebrate its first one hundred years. Poltrona Frau called on twelve talented designers from all over the world with an invitation and a challenge: to design the brand’s future values today. Hubert’s lateral gaze explores worlds dear to Poltrona Frau, with its strong Italian tradition. The designer drew inspiration from fashion, especially from the Italian Renaissance. And it captures a detail, the puffed sleeve, which he uses to give shape to a new concept in the armchair, clearly expressed in the design. Juliet, named after the famous Shakespearean heroine, is made with a traditional wood frame, which is narrow at the base and widens into the puffed seat. Here the rich upholstery reinvents the classic diamond tufting in an extremely soft, free and almost ruffled contemporary version. The original pleated stitching for the interiors and back are reminiscent of the embroidery and ruffles of women’s corsets and sleeves, creating a faceted pattern that moves with the surfaces. A complex design that fully demonstrates the skill of Poltrona Frau’s craftsmen. In fact, as many as 16 hours of work are required to stitch a single chair. The concept was to dress the rigid frame in solid beech with the same freedom of a dress, using the craftsmanship techniques from the workshop in Tolentino and enhancing Poltrona Frau’s culture of leather. The result is great comfort that can be seen. Sensations of relaxation and abandon, provided by a carefree play of folds and seams. And soon after, the pleasure of an extremely wide seat that allows for different sitting positions, inviting everyone to see the chair as the ideal place to meditate, relax, read, collect their thoughts and find themselves. The pouf is a natural accessory to the armchair. Created to offer even more complete comfort, incorporating the same puffy geometry and the same pleated stitching used in the upholstery. The Juliet armchair, complete with the pouf, is made in a special edition of the new Pelle Frau® Century, in Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System and in Pelle Frau® Soul. Padded with polyurethane foam and polyester wadding. The springs of the seat are created with elastic belts.

A Juliet armchair requires:
13 m2 of Pelle Frau® leather
500 m of thread
100 m of stitching
12 kg of solid beech
24 hours of work

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