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Albero Limited Edition
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After the huge success of the re-release of the freestanding Albero bookcase, a little-known yet very fascinating and masterful piece created by Gianfranco Frattini in 1960, Poltrona Frau is launching the Albero Limited Edition in olive wood. An exquisite material, olive is hard, compact, full of symbolic heritage and is highly prized in the furniture making trade.

Cultivated since ancient times and considered a sacred tree by the Greeks who girdled the heads of Olympic champions with crowns crafted from its branches, the olive is a symbol of peace in both eastern and western civilisations.

Every example in the Albero Limited Edition collection is unique thanks to the artisan furniture maker, who skilfully chooses the best combination of woods for each piece to create an elegant inlaid effect. The natural grain of the olive wood is emphasised in the vertical surfaces of the shelves with their elegant panel details. Each bookcase features the designer’s signature, the Poltrona Frau logo, the caption “Limited Edition” and laser-engraved numbering from 01|55 to 55|55 on the lower part of the frame.

Just like a thousand-year old olive tree, Albero is a sculpture for the centre of the room, which is best appreciated in a big space.

With its adjustable rack and pinions and piston-shelves, this unconventional bookcase has something of the shape of an engine drive shaft. However, made entirely of wood, it also has all the warmth and vitality of a tree.

The bookcase comprises just a few ingeniously interconnected elements, which show Gianfranco Frattini's attention to the laws of statics and dynamics. It has four vertical struts and two rack and pinion poles at the two ends, all crafted from solid olive wood. The shelves, produced in MDF with olive essence veneer, can be positioned in the holes along the struts as desired with a minimum of eight and a maximum of 12 shelves. A special metal cylinder is attached to the ceiling to hold the bookcase in place. The Albero's frame is attached to this and the floor thanks to two adjustable metal ferrules that ensure its stability. The height of the bookcase can vary between 2.66 m to 3.26 m.