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Tiles in plate cast glass, made using artisan techniques by our Glass Masters according to traditional Muranese tradition.

Caressing the liquid, transparent surface of the glass, one can’t help but remark in some tiles the indent left by the glazier’s pincers, like the imprint of the potter in clay.
The transparent border, the soft rounding of which has been given by the dripping of the glass itself, magnifies the crystalline depth of the material and encases an island of gold and light, decorated by hand on glass with a special comb to obtain the precious textures and covered then by 24k gold leaf.
Every glass tile is precious in its uniqueness, a sister of thousands, but unlike any other.
Five formats declined in four different textures. The 10 – 12 mm thickness allows the Auratia tiles to be co-ordinated with most flooring and covering materials.