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W 44 x D 52,5 x H 46/79 cm

FRAME is a mono-block chair, moulded in one piece of plywood with variable thickness and solid wood insert. The whole chair is pressed in one single process. An unexpected sideway stacking idea allows the chair to stack and keep a simple, clear, almost classic form - well proportioned and ergonomic.
FRAME fits in wide spectrum of public and private interiors. The square cut in the backrest gives the feeling of transparency.
If you ask a child to draw a chair, he will draw FRAME.
FRAME is stackable sideway, stacking up to 6 pieces.

Restaurants, museums, libraries, banks, halls, waiting areas, schools, meeting rooms

Form pressed plywood with solid wood insert

FRAME is available in different natural wood veneers - birch, beech, walnut, oak, zebrano, wenge as well as in laminate. Chairs can be clear lacquered, stained in our standard stains or stained in customer specified stain on birch or oak. Wide selection of laminate colours according to RAL codes available on request.

NEW - since April 2014 we offer 32 new wood varieties from Alpilignum woods (

Upholstered seat pad, removable

Tested according to DIN EN 1728, DIN EN 13 761, strength and durability tests required for public furniture.