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“Duetto” was not created to comptete with the numerous other sofabeds on the market, but to be a unique product of its kind. The research behind the working of the wood such as the joints, the total absence of any metal and the technology chosen to ensure a natural good night’s sleep (light-weight, breathable, hypoallergenic and biodegradable) are all basic elements required to respect the environment and to produce furniture of high quality.“Duetto” is an exceptional product because of its design. The four elements: two wooden structures and two separate mattresses which, because of the way they are made, make a very comfortable bed, sofa, two single beds, double bed, or even two chairs placed an angle. One of the fundamental concepts of Plinio il Giovane is to make every single part of the product part of the structure. The bed slats, which are manually fixed in place using dovetail joints fixed by wooden pegs, make the structure both resilient and light. That means that it can easily be moved by one person on their own from one room to another and can be set up as a sofa or a bed or vice versa. The cushion covers are removable and the pure linseed oil used to treat the wood, enhances the grain but also makes it water repellant as well as improve the gloss and generally prolong the life of the product.

197 x 87 cm (closed)

86 cm