Key facts


TORONTO is a detachable and adjustable stool designed specially for kids. The main raw materials are discs of cork and foam, both 100% recyclable and non-toxic.

TORONTO is a piece of furniture and a toy at the same time. It is multifunctional transformable furniture designed to drive kids in their growth, in intuitive fun way. It helps them to strengthen fundamental skills such as movement, coordination and manipulation.

The TORONTO design process adopts 'Design for All' approach, in fact morphology and kid-friendly materials have been studied and selected for being manipulated, both by little children who need to develop their manual coordination and enjoy assembling, disassembling, inserting, etc, and also by older children who like using their imagination to create footsteps and practice psychomotor activities or building their own scenario to play. It means that Toronto promotes an inclusive way to play between children with different abilities.

The TORONTO stools collection is produced by MADE DESIGN, a design oriented Spanish brand with extensive experience in furniture for contract. Its productive process is characterized by attention on recycle, quality of materials and local production.

TORONTO is suitable for indoor playground spaces such as libraries, kindergartens, etc. and also for domestic play areas.

sitting-down; exercising the sense of the balancing; building psychomotor circuits; learning by doing (different materials, textures, weights, densities, etc); assembling and disassembling; decorating and organizing play areas.

MATERIALS: cork, foam

DIMENSIONS: diameter 28 cm – variable height depending on the number of disks