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Fire Line Automatic 3 XL in Casing A
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Product description

Built-in fireplace controlled by Wi-Fi and remote control
Fire Line Automatic 3 in casing is the most advanced bio fireplace available on the market. Thanks to attached casing, the fireplace can be built in the wall or positioned on the on the ground with the assurance that the unit will be operating correctly and look striking in any room. Fire Line Automatic 3 can be lacquered with a high-gloss in any RAL tone.
The fireplace is based on BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapour) technology, which ensures cleanest combustion process and no contact between the fuel and the flame.
The fireplace fully automatic and can be controlled with remote control, control panel, smart devices and Smart Home Systems. To increase the safety of use, the fireplace is equipped with numerous safety features like CO2 sensor, temperature sensor, overfill sensor and over 15 more.

BEV Technology
No smell / no ash / no smoke
WiFi (controlled with mobile devices)
Remote controllable
Smart Home Systems compatible
Advanced safety sensors
Fast Start
Automatic shutdown in case of errors
Child Lock
Sleep timer
Advanced microprocessor
LCD display
Control panel
Intuitive control
6 levels of flame height
Easy installation
Bespoke sizes
Possibility of joining modules
Custom finish option
No additional installation
No additional ventilation required/ No chimney required
External wireless temperature sensor
Electrical connection required
For indoor use
Automatic fuel pump

Planika’s bio fireplaces are TUV certified, which confirms that they comply with the highest standards of safety.

Product family


FLA3 XL this is an ethanol burner in 3 variants of casing opening.

FLA with an eXtra Long burning time
For those who value their comfort
Fire Line Automatic 3 XL takes you to another level of comfort and satisfaction. Offering the most advanced technology and innovative approach towards fire design it allows you to enjoy natural flames for longer than ever before.
Applying an extra-large fuel tank makes the FLA3 XL the most convenient solution available today. The fireplace guarantees the longest possible time of burning with one refill without losing anything from the luxurious and stylish form for which Planika’s fireplaces are so well-known. Additionally offered in two types of casings.