Product description

Stylish line of real fire
Fire Line Automatic 2 model E is a foundation of Fire Line collection. This automatic and functional fireplace joins the ease of use with exceptional fire design.
Based on patented BEV (Burnig Ethanol Vapour) technology, FLA 2 model E doesn’t require any chimney or additional ventilation. Thanks to this patented solution there is no direct contact between the fuel and the flames.
The fireplace can be started with a press of a button on the control panel. For the comfort of the user FLA2 model E allows for flame height regulation and optionally can be equipped with remote control.
With safety of the users in mind, FLA2 model E is also equipped with revolutionary automatic refuelling system. Thanks to patented automatic pump, the fireplace can be filled up in seconds, with no possibility of leaks and spillages.

BEV Technology
No smell / no ash / no smoke
Optional remote control
Advanced safety sensors
Automatic shutdown in case of errors
Child Lock
Advanced microprocessor
Diode display
Control panel
Intuitive control
2 levels of flame height
Easy installation
Possibility of joining modules
Custom finish option
No additional installation
No additional ventilation required
No chimney required
Electrical connection required
For indoor use
Automatic fuel pump

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