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Nex Box

Nex boxes – no-handle boxes with no continuous cover panel are combined to form creative sideboards or suspended wall installations. Each box and each front can be in a color and version of their own. The boxes are available in many widths, depths and heights as well as doors, flaps, drawers or open elements. They can be put next to each other, stacked or suspended. The light touch gives the system its uniquely refined feel.

Nex Shelf

This shelving system is typical for Piure: pure. Very delicate and exciting in terms of its lines and variable in the design of the fronts and colors.You can just put things inside or stage it. To create the front as exciting as possible under a practical aspect, different elements are available, either open or with fixed closed fronts, which can be combined as desired.Available in depth 36cm, three heights: 211,5, 224 and 237,5cm and three widths: 30,50 and 70cm.

Nex Cabinet

Nex cabinet – a classic wardrobe which, as typical of Nex, stands out for its delicate external sides and shadow gaps. There is a choice of doors or doors combined with drawers. For the interior equipment, there are shelves, inner drawers, pull-out shelves and clothingrails. The fronts as well as the fine angular and ledge handles can be finished either in matt or in high-gloss in all colors. Like this the cabinet becomes an aesthetic piece of furniture, either in the dressing or sleeping room.

Nex Sideboard

Nex is a fascinating sideboard system offering infinite options for combining lines, surfaces, volumes, materials and colors. The basic element is the box, which is available in many widths, depths and heights, but also with doors, flaps, drawers or simply open. The different boxes can be lined up or stacked, and on the top and bottom as well as the left and right they can be framed with continuous, paper-thin floors/sides, which creates a calm, very harmonious picture while retaining a great deal of individuality. The perfection of this item of furniture is further enhanced by immaculate corner joints in a sophisticated mitering. The bodies, covers and sides come in many satin lacquer colors, while the fronts are also available with a high-gloss finish or in various solid woods (five-layer panels). The boxes can either be hung on the wall or placed in front of one, or indeed anywhere in the space, on a choice of bases: legs, runners, frames or base plates.

Nex Paneel

Accentuated by delicate horizontal lines, the elegant Nex Panel gives you endless freedom in terms of design and function. This is because Nex Boxes and refined trays can easily be slotted into the slender, but high-strength system rails and arranged just as you wish, unimpaired by cabling behind the wall system. TVs can be mounted directly on the panel. The panels are available in all matte and high-gloss colors, as well as in solid wood; the glass trays are satin lacquered or veneered all over.